Try your luck in our Random Jackpot Lottery!
Your chances of winning are 100% – The only question is how big will you win!

The Jackpot* of each Lottery Draw will be split between all contributors!
By a random generator* 3 players will be selected who will equally
win 60% off all the payments! 30% will be paid out to all the other players, also equally. (10% is the house edget)

For example:
A draw has 10 players
Each player has paid 0.001 Bitcoin
The Jackpot is therefore 0.010 Bitcoin
3 Players are selected who win 60% of all payments (Ƀ0.006 = 0.002 each*)
The other 7 players will receive 30% all payments (Ƀ0.003 = 0.000428 each*)

Minimum players
Minimum players for a lottery draw to complete: 4 players
A draw with less then 4 players will be 100% refunded to each player without any transaction fee.

* 10% of the Jackpot goes to the house
*On each payout a transaction fee of 0.00015 will be deducted.