Random Lottery Jackpot

Try your luck in our Random Jackpot Lottery!
Your chances of winning are 100% guaranteed !
The question is only how big will you win ?!

Play now!

The total amount of bitcoins each Jackpot Lottery receives from players,before the countdown ends, will be split between all players!

3 players will be selected, by a random generator* , who will
equally win 60% off the Jackpot* . 40% will be paid out to all the other players,equally.

For example:

– 10 players
– Each player has paid 0.001 Bitcoin
– Jackpot is therefore 0.010 Bitcoin
– 3 Players are selected who win 60% of all payments (Ƀ0.010 = 0.002 each*)
– The other 7 players will receive 40% all payments (Ƀ0.004 = 0.00057 each*)

Minimum players for a lottery draw to complete: 4 players
A draw with less players will be 100% refunded to each player
without any transaction fee.

*On each payout a transaction fee of 0.00018 will be deducted.
* 10% of the Jackpot goes to the house